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Scarlett sings a Solfeggio exercise in perfect pitch!

Check out this awesome performance by 5-yo Isabella!

Lucy taking on George Harrison's iconic lead solo in LET IT BE!

Noah and Lachlan playing "Circles" by Post Malone

Jeiden Clifton plays Tones And I's "Dance Monkey"

Lucy McPeake playing "Walkin' Blues"

Check out this awesome cover of #DeltaGoodrem’s “Paralysed” by Ysabella!

Sebastian taking on the Oasis' WONDERWALL

Jenny and Madeline sings THIS IS ME from the movie #TheGreatestShowman

Jezelle playing "Song of Joy" at Easter

8yo Phoenix playing "Row Row Row Your Boat" like a pro

Jennifer taking on Vivaldi's Concerto in A Minor

Jaiya taking on Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now"

Harrison taking on The Beatles' BLACKBIRD


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