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Piano Lessons in Adelaide

Individual and group piano lessons are both available at Learning Through Music studios, as well as schools around Adelaide, South Australia.

Rapid progression is ensured by our innovative piano programs are designed to have the student playing, deliver consistent results, and allowing the students to have fun while they learn! Learning the piano is lots of fun and brings so many other skills to the student including increased confidence, concentration and creativity to name a few.

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Beginner students will learn basic note reading and sight reading, beginner piano rhythms and techniques. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, students can then explore the different piano genres available to a piano player like contemporary, classical, Australian Music Examination Board Exams, jazz and more.

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Intermediate & Advanced Lessons

Intermediate and advanced piano students are encouraged to take part in our technique and theory classes, designed to take students to the next level of playing the piano. Our teachers can guide students through AMEB exams, performance preparations, Year 12 Music or piano for leisure to enjoy and appreciate piano playing.

We teach piano to all ages and ability. We teach students from age of 3 and also encourage adults to take lessons; its never too late to start learning to play the piano. Our teachers will do their best to inspire and encourage students to help them obtain the very best results possible.


We recently launched piano lessons for 4 year olds program and it was highly successful. Learning the piano helps build important motor and cognitive skills which are just starting to develop in 4 year olds. These cognitive concepts are used to engage children learning the piano which enables them to learn quickly and easily. Contact us for all the details.

Types of Piano Lessons

We offer the following lessons to suit all levels of Piano students:
Beginner Piano Lessons, Adult piano lessons, Young beginner piano lessons, technique classes, exam preparation, Contemporary piano, Classical piano, Jazz piano, piano for leisure syllabus, Piano improvisation, Australian Music Examinations Board Piano preparation, AMEB Piano preparation, Piano theory, Diploma level piano lessons.

Our Studios

LTM Studios are conveniently located with onsite carparking and close to public transport. Our teaching rooms are set up for optimum teaching with modern aids and facilities. Each Studio has a dedicated room for Piano lessons equipped with multiple pianos / keyboards, Internet, computers / tablets.

Our Studios are a great place for meeting likeminded musicians, and gain inspiration from seeing other students with their chosen instruments enjoying lessons.
Learning Through Music offer sales and hire of keyboards. We also sell accessories for pianos and selected sheet music and method books. Contact our office for more information

Studio lessons are available Monday to Saturday from 9am to late. Lessons are 30 mins in duration, but shorter or longer lessons can be arranged to meet the needs of individual students.

School Lessons

Students learning at their Primary or Secondary school with Learning Through Music will be given a specific time for lessons that has been arranged with their class and music teacher. Lessons at schools are 30mins in duration and can be arranged during or after school, at school. Instruments are provided to students for use at lessons. LTM offers keyboard hire and sales for students also.

Interested to know more about Piano Lessons? Please call 0401 398 120 or submit an enquiry we will be in touch.

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  • What types of piano are there?

    Grand piano, upright piano, digital piano and keyboard. Each may vary in size and number of keys, as well as other qualities: pedals or no pedals; weighted keys; dynamic touch. Choosing which is best for you is down to preferences, size and budget. It is best to go, look and listen to a piano before buying. 

  • Do I need to own a keyboard or have a piano at home?

    Yes! It is up to you if you choose to rent or buy a piano. When you do, consider the qualities you want from the instrument and the longevity of it. Pianos or keyboards with less keys can limit progress over time, as the student develops and plays more complex pieces. Being able to practice at home reinforces what you learn during your lessons. If the only time you are playing is during your lessons then progress is going to be very slow.

  • Do I need to bring anything to the lesson?

    Yes, your sheet music/music book and music diary.

  • Is 5 years old too early to start learning piano?

    No, though it can be more challenging for them. As most students at that age are just developing their reading skills, learning to read music can be a challenge. The handspan and fine motor skills of a five year old can also pose a challenge. Using age appropriate resources helps younger students to learn in an effective and enjoyable way.

  • How often should I be practicing the piano?

    If not every day, then most days. The more you practice the more likely you are to progress quickly.

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