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Drum Lessons in Adelaide

Learning Through Music provides both individual and group drum lessons at our music studios and Schools around Adelaide, South Australia.

LTM welcomes drum students of any age and ability from absolute beginners to advanced levels. We welcome students as young as 4 years and also encourage adults to take up the challenge of learning, or improving their skills on the drums. Playing the drums is known to be a great tool for relaxation and focusing. We find a great number of adults learning drums with us as a health benefit for their mental well being. Learning to play the drums is fun, come and try!

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Types of Drum Lessons

  • Rock Drums Lessons
  • Jazz drums lessons
  • Adult drums lessons
  • Beginner drums lessons
  • Children's drums lessons
  • Reading music for drums
  • Drums improvisation
  • Drums fills
  • Intermediate drums technique
  • Drums exam preparation
  • Drums for leisure syllabus
  • AMEB Drums preparation
  • Drums theory
  • Diploma level drums lessons

Beginner Drum Lessons

Beginner Drum students will learn beginner technique, grip, sticking and sticking patterns, rhythmic studies, sight reading, music theory, ear training and beginner drum notation. Once the basics are fully understood lessons are tailored to the students individual goals and interests.

Students don’t neccessarily have to own a drumset to start. Often students can use a practice pad to start with and purchase or hire drumset later on. Unsure what to buy? Learning Through Music provides sales and hire of Drum kits - acoustic and electric, and drum accessories. Please contact us for details.

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Intermediate Drum Lessons

Intermediate students will be able to learn drum styles such as contemporary, rock, pop, , Australian Music Examination Board Exams, jazz, and more. Students will also have opportunities to learn music theory, rhythm and harmony. LTM welcomes students who want to prepare for AMEB exams or who learn drums at school as part of ‘Music’ subjects. All students are encouraged to be a part of Ensembles and performances opportunities that occur during the year.

Our Studios

LTM Studios are conveniently located with onsite carparking and close to public transport. Our teaching rooms are set up for optimum teaching with modern aids and facilities. Each Studio has a dedicated room for Drum lessons. Our Studios are a great place for meeting likeminded musicians, and gain inspiration from seeing other students with their chosen instruments enjoying lessons.

It is best if students bring their own drum sticks to each lesson. LTM offer sales and hire of drum kits (acoustic and electric) and drum accessories. Contact our office for more information

Studio Lessons

Studio lessons are available Monday to Saturday from 9am to late. Lessons are 30 mins in duration, but shorter or longer lessons can be arranged to meet the needs of individual students.

School Lessons

Students learning at their Primary or Secondary school with Learning Through Music will be given a specific time for lessons that has been arranged with their class and music teacher. Lessons at schools are 30mins in duration and can be arranged during or after school, at school.

Interested to know more about Drum Lessons? Please call 0401 398 120 or submit an enquiry we will be in touch.

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  • Are the drums difficult to learn?

    The drums can actually be one of the easiest instruments to learn but also one of the hardest to master.

    Drums are a very visual instrument which is a huge advantage when demonstrating to a student how to play.

    There is some simple maths and numbers involved with drumming which are very important for understanding how rhythm works and how to apply different subdivisions and/or fractions to a musical phrase or pattern.

  • Do I need to own a drum set to take lessons?

    No, you do not.... A practice pad, a pair of decent drumsticks and a music stand is all you need to set yourself up with the tools for a great foundation and a good understanding of basic patterns and techniques. Anything that is applied to a practice pad can be applied to a drum set and vice versa. Most drum teachers will recommend this as the best starting point for any new student.

  • Can you teach yourself the drums?

    Yes, you most definitely can teach yourself to play the drums. Although some would argue none of us are ever self-taught...We learn from drummers and music we love, people we watch performing live, or even our friends or members of our own family who play music and inspire us to play and practice. Trying to teach yourself anything will always have its limitations and roadblocks will happen. This is why we seek tuition and teachers to take us to the next level and help us understand what to work on and how to make progress.

  • Can you be too old to start learning drums?

    You are never too old to start drum lessons. Drumming has a wide range of mental and physical benefits which have been studied at many top universities and music schools. It is quite a physical instrument and it does wonders for your co-ordination, circulatory system and overall mindfulness, just to name a few. It is an extremely cathartic instrument allowing students and professionals alike to express themselves through music. An old dog can certainly learn new tricks on this wonderful instrument.

  • How often should I practice?

    Your practice depends on the available time you have and how much you prioritise the time to practice.

    Consider an amateur sport... this may take up 6-8 hours a week with a minimum of 2 training sessions and 1 game on weekends. This equates to practicing and average of 1 hour per day.

    Practicing a little each day is much more beneficial than not practicing all week then doing 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Lessons are generally 30 minutes long, so 30 minutes a day is an ideal and realistic goal that can be achieved if you prioritise practice. 30 minutes a day at 365 days a year is 10'950 minutes which is 182.5 hours a year which is 3.5 hours a week! Happy drumming!

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